Ignacio Lago


As a glue between engineering and business, I love to use top tier technologies to reach the highest objectives with the smartest people in town.

My secret recipe is to find the right technology for each project.

That way I’ve developed lots of stuff with lots of different code languages, frameworks, libraries, servers. In my entire life I’ve programmed in BASIC, Pascal, Bash, C, Asm, Python, Java, Ruby, Php, Brainfuck (yes, I did!), Javascript, Coffeescript (not a “language”, ok), Lua, Haxe, Fish.

Currently focused in Coffeescript / Javascript, followed by Java.

I believe in open source, in teams that matter and in a healthy work-life balance.




  • Company: Glue
  • Period: May 2014 – Present
  • Location: Vigo, Spain
  • Tech stack: Coffeescript, Javascript, Java, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Play 2.x Framework, KeystoneJS, React.js, Flux, Redux, Android, Crosswalk Project, React Native, Foundation, Bourbon, Jekyll, Git, BDD, TDD, Grunt, Gulp, Vagrant, Docker, Dokku.

Leading a team of brilliant and agile ninjas.

We build awesome websites, mobile applications and video games every day. Expect something beautiful, usable and powered by the best available technology. Challenge us!

Agile development, mainly Scrum with some Kanban sessions.


  • Company: Hearthy
  • Period: January 2015 – Present
  • Location: Spain
  • Tech stack: Coffeescript, Javascript, Java, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Play 2.x Framework, React.js, Flux, Android, Crosswalk Project, Git, BDD.

Development of Hearthy, a mHealth (Mobile Health) system, aimed to give reliable, universal and affordable healthcare.

Scrum-based releases with Kanban bugfixing sessions.

Consultant and Developer

  • Independent Professional
  • Period: February 2012 – May 2014
  • Location: Barcelona & Vigo, Spain

Expert in Web and Mobile technologies. Scrum Master. Frontend hacker. Team trainer.

Web Product Manager

  • Company: Onebox Ticket Management
  • Period: May 2012 – April 2013
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Tech stack: Javascript, Java, Spring Framework, MySQL, Solr, Html5, jQuery, SVG, Foundation.

Team leader. Development of new and more advanced sales channels. Research of new customer experiences. Top tier cross-platform responsive ticketing website.

Ignacio is an excelent professional with a high knowledge in every tool needed to improve e-commerce.

Carlos Galí - Founder & CEO at Onebox

He is energetic, insightful with a huge knowledge of web development technologies. He is also brilliant in leading and motivating teams.

Andreu Masferrer - Product Manager at Onebox

Web Developer

  • Company: Olapic LLC
  • Period: May 2011 – July 2011
  • Location: New York City, US
  • Tech stack: Javascript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.

Head of Web Experience at Olapic, a revolutionary photo and video crowdsourcing service for companies and end users. Building platforms for newspapers, sports teams, magazines, event providers, and more. Clients such as NY Daily News, Elle or El Corte Inglés.

Ignacio delivered high quality results for us and demonstrated a high level of expertise as a front-end developer and designer.

Luis Sanz - Founder at Olapic, Inc.

Web Developer, UX & SEO Manager

  • Company: Elogia
  • Period: 2007 – 2011
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Tech stack: Javascript, PHP5, Wordpress, Joomla, MySQL, jQuery.

Full-stack web developer. Frontend and backend. Including UX and SEO strategies. Clients such as Privalia, RC Barcelona, Europa Muebles.

I’d highlight his determination to succeed and his huge self-learning capacity.

Rubén Ferreiro - CEO at Viko, formerly Elogia Group

Ignacio’s technical skills are great in all areas of web development you can imagine. He is always willing to learn new things and to share his knowledge.

Toni Perera - CEO at iBrands, Elogia Group


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Certifications and Courses


Stanford University (Coursera) – October 2012

Human-Computer Interaction

University of Pennsylvania (Coursera) – November 2012



  • Role: Lead Developer & Designer
  • Period: July 2011 – August 2011
  • Location: New York City, US
  • Tech stack: Javascript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.

Lead developer. UI and UX design.

Web app that measures your photo-sharing activities across different photo-sharing networks.

We got along really fast and Ignacio’s knowledge in Frotend Dev and my help on the backend got us with a product working in less than a week with a lot of good feedback from people.

Sebastian Alvarez, VP of Engineering at Olapic, Inc.

Photorank.me aimed to help people determine their influence as social photographers.


Photorank.me is a new web app that attempts to calculate how influential you are in the world of online photo sharing. After giving it read-only access to your social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc…) the app computes a numerical score based on reach, activity, and quantity.


Photorank is Klout for pictures. It measures your photo-sharing activities across different photo-sharing networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instragram and Picplz) measuring your reach, quality and activity. It aims to help people find out their ability and influence as social photographers and to help them discover good photographers to follow.



  • Role: Developer & Designer
  • Period: February 2009 – June 2010
  • Tech stack: Javascript, PHP, MySQL.

Web design and development. Engine development.

Realtime link crawler. Service to discover new and cool websites.

Minthink generates a random site to go to with the press of a button. What’s nice about this one compared to some of the rest is that if you’re accessing it from its standard site, you can preview what the URL is before you click on it. However, if you’re a Firefox user and feeling bold, there’s an extension, and a script for Ubiquity that will take you directly to the site without you knowing what it is first.


Open Source and Publications

  • ChangeOnScroll (2015, GitHub) jQuery plugin that toggles a class name when the element (or another element) goes out of the view.
  • dokku-builders-plugin (2015, GitHub) Dokku Builders Plugin: npm, bower, grunt, gulp.
  • grunt-module-index (2015, GitHub) Grunt task to auto-build module index file (exports) based on folders and files.
  • dokku-newrelic-sysmond (2014, GitHub) New Relic Servers plugin for Dokku. Sets up and starts monitoring the docker container that run your app.



Higher Technician, Computer Systems Administrator

IES Teis, 2004 – 2006

Final Project: Full-stack ERP in Ruby on Rails.

Member of GNU/Linux Users Group, GNU/Linux Documentation Group.

Technical Engineer, Computer Engineering

University of A Coruña, 2000 – 2003 (unfinished)

High Security Environments Seminar.

Member of Gauss Group - Realtime motion art software development, Demoscene.


Igualdad Animal

Supporter – Animal Welfare

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Supporter – Animal Welfare

Other Projects

Superdicionario Castelán-Galego

  • Role: Designer & Developer
  • Period: 2013
  • Tech stack: Javascript, NodeJS, MongoDB, Html5, jQuery.

Dictionary of terms in Spanish and their translation and meaning in Galician.

ORG Kill Frenzy!

  • Role: Designer & Developer
  • Period: 2012
  • Tech stack: Haxe, ECS

ORG Kill Frenzy! is a parody game about the Chair rebellion occurred on July 24, 2004 during the Euskal Encounter 12, when hundreads of people started a riot against a music performance raising their chairs in the air and invading the stage.


  • Role: Designer & Developer
  • Period: 2011
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Tech stack: Javascript, NodeJS, MongoDB, Html5, jQuery.

Concept and interaction design. Web application development.